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Project Data

Value: £2.6m

Architect: CPMG Architects

Main Contractor: Henry Brothers

Subcontractor: WD Drywall

Distributor: Encon Insulation & Nevill Long, Nottingham

Products used: Knauf Windliner, Knauf Windliner Tape, Knauf Windliner Screws, Knauf Soundshield Plus, Knauf Performance Plus, Knauf Wallboard, Knauf Metal C & I Stud and Track, and Knauf Airless Finish


Project Details

Knauf products have been used throughout the redevelopment of Carlton Academy, a secondary school in Nottinghamshire. The school was awarded £2.6m, an investment that allowed them to build ten new classrooms on site to house a wide variety of subjects and service a growing catchment area.


Knauf Windliner was used on the external walls and several Knauf High Performance Plasterboards were used on the internal walls of Carlton Academy due to the outstanding features and benefits they provide.


The project was designed by CPMG Architects, with Henry Brothers as the main contractor and WD Drywall installing the exterior walls.


‘Windliner is our preferred option due to the ease of installation compared to other sheathing boards. It can be cut with a knife, so no need to set up expensive saws and extractors. The screws pull in with ease and the Windliner Tape provides a good seal even in moist conditions.’ Ryan Doherty, Commercial Director, WD Drywall.


Knauf’s Windliner board enabled the building envelope to be sealed quickly and easily, and the internal works are now underway.


Developed for steel infill construction methods, Knauf Windliner is a 12.5mm specialist paper-faced gypsum sheathing board specifically designed for use with external steel framing wall systems. It has a fire and moisture resistant core, and is faced with treated terracotta-coloured paper to reduce moisture ingress. Left exposed to the elements, it provides protection to the building during the typical construction programme for a period of up to 6 months.


In addition Knauf Windliner offers many other on-site benefits including a quick and easy cutting method – simply score and snap the boards – and simple fixing using low-profile headed Knauf Windliner Screws. There is no pre-drilling required, resulting in a faster installation compared to a traditional cement particle board. Furthermore the boards themselves are also lighter than traditional cement particle boards, making them easier to handle and install on site.


On the internal walls Knauf Soundshield Plus, Knauf Performance Plus and Knauf Wallboard, together with Knauf Metal Profiles and Knauf Airless Ready-Mixed Finish, were all used due to their exceptional performance to ensure a peaceful, effective and comfortable environment for students to work within.


The refurbishment of Carlton Academy includes the construction and fit out of a new detached teaching block with classrooms, an office and toilets, along with an additional car parking area. The School is delighted that this investment will support its catchment and its families as they see its facilities improve and grow.