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Why use metal partitions

For every build there is the right solution to deliver the required performance. Metal profiles are lightweight, don’t warp or twist meaning these can be installed quicker than using timber partitions. Once installed they aren’t susceptible to wet or dry rot and in the event of a fire won’t burn as quickly giving peace of mind for you and the end user.

The range includes solutions for a variety of partitions and ceilings systems including our unique shaftwall system. Alongside these our wall lining systems make it easy to produce a high quality finished wall regardless of the background.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom to British and European standards, Knauf products come in a wide range of sizes, and are simple and fast to install. Whether used in homes, schools, hospitals, offices or hotels, Knauf can provide the right solution.

View some examples of our metal partition systems

Metal vs Timber Partitions

Knauf metal partitions are up to 4 times faster to install than timber partitions.Our metal profiles can be cut using a pair of snips reducing dust and noise on site. They are also lighter which gives improved health and safety during the build process.Watch the below video to learn to see the difference for yourself.

Wall Lining Systems

Builder installing metal partition
Our versatile range of wall lining systems makes it easy to produce a high-quality, high-performance finished wall regardless of the background.
Whether it’s a system fixed back to the wall or freestanding system we have a solution, all using our easy to install metal profiles. 

Isolater Partitions

The Knauf Isolator system is typically used to divide habitable dwellings.
The twin stud build up, combined with Knauf’s high performance plasterboards, maximises acoustic performance in order to comply with building regulations, technical handbooks and guidances for sound insulation. 

Performer Partitions

The Knauf Performer system is our most versatile and commonly used partition system. It is constructed using a single row of Knauf metal studs with Knauf plasterboards to both sides in order to meet fire, acoustic, moisture and impact requirements. The Performer system is lightweight, simple to construct and should be used in conjunction with Knauf’s finishing solutions range.

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Knauf Finishing Solutions

From powdered and ready-mixed jointing compounds, plasterboard tapes and beads through to ready-mixed spray finishes as an alternative to traditional plasters the Knauf Finish Solutions covers all bases. 

Technical Support

Our Technical Services team can provide help and support throughout your project, whether you're an architect or contractor.