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We believe that together, we can transform the spaces in which people live and work to make them more comfortable, more efficient and more sustainable.

Together, let's Build for the world we live in.

Build a safer world together

Safety is our number one priority in everything we do. Safety of people. Safety of products.

From specifying to manufacturing, engineering to building we rigorously apply the toughness regulatory and best-practice standards to every product, service and process - as reflected in the Knauf Performance Guarantee.

Make each day an experience

We understand that partnerships not transactions drive sustainable business growth. Commercial excellence is an essential component of our brand experience with every department playing a vital role.

To succeed in a competitive market, we're committed to delight the people we interact with at every single touchpoint, from specifying right through to installation.

Be the leader that inspires

With 25% of the construction workforce due to retire in the next 5 years we have a responsibility to the future of our industry. To ensure a bright tomorrow for construction we support training and employment initiatives to inspire the next generation into the profession by demonstrating the fulfilling opportunities open to them.

Be the innovator that cares

We understand the need to challenge the status quo to create solutions not problems. We are constantly striving to improve our products and process; to drive down costs, improve efficiency and crucially, to limit the impact on the envrionment.

Sustainable innovation is our constant focus with 10% of global turnover re-invested into long-term capital production projects to secure future growth.

Our Mission

To lead and inspire the construction industry by creating transformative spaces for people to live and work in safely and sustainability. Though product and service innovation developed with customers, suppliers and distributors, we will minimise environmental impact, drive efficiencies and provide commercial excellence at every interaction. 

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