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Airless Ready-mixed Finishes

Knauf Airless Hopper

Knauf Airless Ready-Mixed finishes are less prone to chips and cracks and offer an excellent quality finish and are purpose-designed for machine application.

Tapes, Beads and Accessories

Knauf Finishing Solutions

A comprehensive selection of paper faced metal corner beads, edge beads, Joint Tape and Fibre (self-adhesive fibreglass) Tape.

Premium Powdered Jointing

Knauf Premium Powdered Jointing

 A range of fast setting gypsum jointing and air-drying Joint Cement compounds for bedding tapes and finishing.

Ready-mixed Jointing

Knauf Ready-mixed Jointing
Two ready-mixed jointing compounds for bedding tapes and finishing joints in drywall partitions and ceilings.

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Queen Elizabeth high School Northumberland

First Class finish with Knauf  

The Knauf Airless Finishes range has been specified for this project rather than traditional plaster. “Using the Airless spray finishes will save a lot of time on site, there’s no question about that. In our experience while a plasterer might be hesitant about using it for the first time, once they’ve tried it there’s no going back!” says Ken Parkin of Keyes Brothers Construction 



Finishes Event at Clerkenwell

 Showcasing Knauf Airless Finish

Knauf Clerkenwell held a Knauf Airless Finish event in our London showroom.


With presentations from Knauf specialists and contractors using the product, we were able to advise our visitors on the impact of using Knauf Finishes.




Knauf Airless Training

CITB approved training

‘I have been interested in learning how to plaster for some time, but I was worried it would make a pre-existing shoulder injury worse: I’ve heard lots of horror stories about the physical pain traditional plastering techniques can cause. However, when I learned about Knauf Airless I realised this might be something I could do.’  

Jennifer Gardner, CITB Airless Spray Finishing Course attendee 


Knauf Airless Finish, Mace East Village

New Knauf Jointing used on Mace project

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Take a look at the comprehensive Knauf Interior Finishing Solutions Brochure for full information.

Technical Support

Our Technical Services team can provide help and support throughout your project, whether you're an architect or contractor.