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Ready-mixed Jointing

Knauf Ready-mixed Jointing

Knauf Fill & Finish products are air-drying typically in 12-24hours and have either low or very low shrinkage, reducing the amount of sanding required Use with Knauf’s tapes and beads to make it even easier to get the perfect finish.

Knauf Finishing Products should be applied to Knauf Plasterboard to ensure system performance warranty, and as detailed in the GPDA’s Product Compatibility Statement.

Tapes, Beads & Accessories

Knauf Finishing Solutions

Good preparation before applying Airless Spray Finishes is critical to getting a good finish. Knauf’s jointing materials, tapes and beads are of the highest quality to ensure the best possible finish with the minimum risk of cracking. Each tape and bead has a specific application, click the button below to learn more 

Airless Ready-mixed Finishes

Knauf Airless Hopper

Knauf Airless Ready-Mixed finishes are less prone to chips and cracks and offer an excellent quality finish and are purpose-designed for machine application.

Premium Powdered   Jointing

Knauf Premium Powdered Jointing
Knauf Powdered Jointing Compounds are high quality formulations, which result in white or even very white compounds with an outstanding performance quality. Lump-free, easy mixing, soft but stable consistency, easy troweling and easy, low dust sanding

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Queen Elizabeth high School Northumberland

First Class finish with Knauf  

The Knauf Airless Finishes range has been specified for this project rather than traditional plaster. “Using the Airless spray finishes will save a lot of time on site, there’s no question about that. In our experience while a plasterer might be hesitant about using it for the first time, once they’ve tried it there’s no going back!” says Ken Parkin of Keyes Brothers



East Village, Stratford

Ready-mixed Jointing and Finishing 

East Village is at the centrepiece of a new report from Mace which has found widespread adoption of modern methods of construction (MMC) could create a £40billion export market for the UK. The rapid working times offered through using Knauf’s Ready-mixed Finishing Solutions can boost productivity for contractors by using a modern and efficient method for plastering.



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Knauf Airless Training

CITB approved training

‘I have been interested in learning how to plaster for some time, but I was worried it would make a pre-existing shoulder injury worse: I’ve heard lots of horror stories about the physical pain traditional plastering techniques can cause. However, when I learned about Knauf Airless I realised this might be something I could do.’  

Jennifer Gardner, Course attendee 



Knauf Airless Finish, Mace East Village

New Knauf Jointing used on Mace project

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Technical  Support

Specification Support

Our Technical Services team can provide help and support throughout your project, whether you're an architect or contractor.