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Plasterboard Recycling Scheme

Our generation faces the huge responsibility of leaving our grandchildren with a liveable planet. At Knauf, we have embraced this challenge and have set about being an industry leader in circular construction.

We continually strive to increase the recycled gypsum content in our plasterboards, to reduce the amount of virgin material we use, reducing our resource use and impact. By increasing the availability of recycled gypsum, you can help us work towards this goal. 

Our landmark waste management scheme moves one step closer towards a circular economy, providing a total waste management support from live construction sites with a single point of contact.

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“First and foremost we’re a social enterprise. That means our efforts aren’t just on reducing the number of skips on site by designing out waste, but by supporting local communities via our social value initiatives ProjectDIVERT and Waste Wise Kids. From donations to home-grown initiatives, it all supports the social value contribution of a site, while contributing to a company’s ESG and sustainability credentials.” 

Stacey Bee Key Account Manager at Encore Environment

Fully managed waste scheme

The Knauf Plasterboard Take Back Scheme, delivered by our partner Encore Environment, who collaborate with a nationwide network of vetted recycling companies local to you who can provide a range of competitively priced skips, cages and bins, and a co-ordinated collection service., that will be responsibly processed.

Encore, a social enterprise, with sustainability at their heart, offer a BREEAM compliant service as standard, and are a certified B-corporation.

Working in partnership with Knauf, they can advise on the data to allow you to make the best informed decisions in terms of cost, carbon and waste impact, right from the design stage. 

Carbon and waste reporting

Our scheme goes beyond the waste handling process by incorporating comprehensive reporting on both volume and embodied carbon.

Highlighted waste hotspots support waste reduction in future projects and substantiates sustainability claims.

Social value and community

Encore's ProjectDIVERT and Waste Wise Kids programmes create additional social value for your project, by supporting education of local children and providing alternative waste disposal routes. 

These initiatives can be evidenced in a bespoke project social value impact report providing a social enterprise spend value for the project and visual examples of the partnership in terms of carbon saving comparisons.

How Does It Work

If you are a main contractor, subcontractor, site manager, architect or specifier looking to become more efficient with your site waste, reduce the amount of skips and collections, increase your social value, and work with Knauf & Encore Environment to reduce your waste from the design stage, this is the service for you. Please note if you are a DIY customer this service is not suitable for you, and we would recommend checking your local council guidelines for plasterboard recycling.


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This can be done at tender, pre-construction or on site, but earlier intervention allows more options on reducing costs and carbon, and increasing social value outcomes. 

Skip delivery and collection

Encore will conduct a Resource Efficiency Management Plan and highlight opportunities for added social value, before ordering and scheduling waste collection services. This stage may also include site audits, visits and toolbox talks.

Measure your impact

Detailed waste output reports include in-depth carbon data and highlight waste hotspots to promote future waste reduction improvements. 

Promoting a more sustainable industry is at the forefront of our ethos. Where possible, we will work in collaboration with customers to utilise this data to reduce waste for future projects. 

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Sustainability at Knauf

We are committed to a high standard of sustainability and environmental responsibility, with a goal to reach net-zero five years ahead of the Paris agreement, by 2045.

We are integrating sustainability into our culture, our operations, and our solutions. The Knauf family of businesses goes beyond providing construction materials.