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We are one of the leading manufacturers of gypsum-based building materials in the UK.

We are proud to be a part of the Knauf Group, one of the largest independent building materials manufacturers in the world.

We sell plasterboard, finishes, metal sections, flooring, insulating laminates, drywall accessories and more.

The Knauf Group

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Knauf is a multinational, family-owned company based in Iphofen, Germany well known for drywall gypsum boards, founded in 1932. The company is a producer of building materials and construction systems for drywall construction, plasterboard, cement boards, mineral fibre acoustic boards and insulation.

Knauf Capabilities

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We have a long and proud history of manufacturing and producing the highest quality building products. Knauf has two manufacturing plants in the UK - one in Kent and one in Northeast Lincolnshire. We are one of the largest producers of plasterboard in the UK. 

Virtual Showroom

Knauf Clerkenwell showroom

Visit the first Knauf Virtual Showroom in the world. Explore a stunning space of how our products and systems can be used to create a visually stimulating yet functional environment. It is a destination for inspiration and collaborative working with the architect and design community.

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Need to order or find a stockist?   

Knauf stockists

Contact our office-based Customer Services Team. 

They are on hand to place orders for customers, day-to-day customer support and advise on local stockists.

Technical & Specification Support

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Contact our local Technical & Specification Service teams. 

Field-based Technical, Specification and Sales Managers, alongside our UK-office based Customer Services department, are on hand to provide information on ordering products and day-to-day support.



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