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McLaren & Co

Products: Knauf Airless Finish and Knauf Airless Primer Surfacer

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Swift and simple to apply, Ready Mixed Plasters from Knauf have contributed keeping the fast-track construction of Village Hotels and Leisure’s first Village Urban Resort in Scotland on track for its opening in December 2014.

Developed for airless pump sprays, these products enabled McLaren & Co, an award winning painting and decorating sub-contractor, to do both plastering and decorating work at the luxury 148-bed Aberdeen hotel. This was particularly important in this instance, as McLaren & Co’s two two-man spraying teams were followed by installers bringing in carpets and furniture as the hotel was fitted out floor by floor at a rate of four bedrooms a day, 20 per week.

“The system really cuts down the time required as there is very little taping required compared to traditional methods and gives a far better final surface finish,” said Alan Colvin, director of McLaren & Co. “And, because it’s ready mixed, the finish was consistent throughout the project and we could paint directly onto the surface with relatively little preparation – just sanding down.”

He first came across Knauf Airless Finish and Airless Primer Surfacer at the Scottish Painting and Decorating Show 2014 in Edinburgh and realised that it was ideal for a fast-track, high quality development such as the Village Hotels and Leisure hotel.

“We’d been looking for a product like this for some time to speed up the process and this is ideal, so we’re keen to promote it. It’s very quick, very simple and even cuts down the number of coats of paint you need to apply –– so long as it’s a light colour.”

Operatives applying Knauf Airless Primer Surfacer can achieve a far smoother finish for walls and ceilings than traditional plasterboard primers that in turn creates a high standard of paint finish that will not show any joints — even in critical light conditions.

Similarly, Knauf Airless Finish gives walls and ceilings a smooth finish with ease, and can be applied either as a two-coat finish or as a base coat for Knauf Airless Primer Surfacer. The remaining products in the range – Knauf Airless Backing and Knauf Airless DuraDeco – provide all that is required to deliver a matchless surface in a fraction of the time required by traditional means onto plasterboard, concrete and blockwork substrates.

Delivered ready to use, the plasters remove the need for any mixing on site, dry rapidly and are easy to finish – just spray, level, sand and paint. Although these plasters are faster and easier to apply than traditional products there is no compromise in terms of the high quality of finish.

Note: Some products included in this case study are no longer available from Knauf; for current information visit Products & Systems or Contact Us.