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  • Enforcing the Building Safety Act

    The Building Safety Act sets out to radically change the construction industry. In the past both Latham and Egan both attempted, with limited success, to bring about change, so why will be different this time around?

  • Competence and The Building Safety Act

    A defining element of the Building Safety Act is the requirement it places on all those in the construction industry to be competent to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.


    From 1 October 2023, the next round of changes to construction practice will be enforced. For those involved in Higher Risk Buildings, this key change requires detailed designs to be signed off by the Building Safety Regulator before site work can begin.

  • Inspiring People

    Once again, Knauf is celebrating Black History Month, and this year we are focusing on inspiration, with our #Salutingoursisters programme.

  • We partner with leading organisations across construction industry to tackle the lack of diversity

    We have partnered with ten other major organisations across the construction industry to establish the Construction Inclusion Coalition (CIC) to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the sector.

  • Leading with competence

    The Grenfell tragedy shone a horrifying light on decades of under-investment in skills and knowledge across the construction industry. The resulting Building Safety Act is looking to fix many of the problems and manufacturers have an important role to play.

  • People: The undervalued resource

    The construction industry is on a cliff-edge. Already struggling to fill vacancies across the board we are faced with an aging workforce, 25% of whom are due to retire in the next ten years. We struggle to recruit, to train and retain talent. How did we get into this mess and how can we pull ourselves out of it?

  • Top Awards for Knauf Apprentices

    We are delighted to share that two of our Apprentices, Sarah Olusola, HR Support Apprentice, and Olly Julier, Digital Marketing Apprentice have each taken home a top award.

  • Our Brand-New Look

    What defines Knauf beyond the products and services we provide? Addressing this is our new brand campaign featuring a bold new look and messaging. The campaign reaches out to our customers with the core reasons to choose Knauf.

  • Our commitment to reducing environmental impact of packaging

    A key commitment for Knauf is to reduce the environmental impact of product packaging without compromising quality or ease of use. The goal is always to be ahead of legislative requirements.  

  • Closing the loop

    The partnership between Knauf and Countrystyle Recycling was ahead of its time when it led to the construction of a dedicated plant to recycle gypsum board in 2017. Move on six years and the partnership continues to flourish, providing a model for how reclamation and manufacturing can work hand in hand.


  • Pushing the boundaries of offsite

    Construction is changing fast and Knauf is open to partnerships that help to explore and develop the potential for its products. This open-minded approach to innovation is particularly evident in its work with various offsite and modular building options.



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