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Once again, Knauf is celebrating Black History Month, and this year we are focusing on inspiration, with our #Salutingoursisters programme.


#Salutingoursisters asks our people to reflect on the black British women who have inspired them. This is not just about looking for professional role models to emulate, but also to consider the rule breakers, the stereotype smashers who have caught our imaginations and demonstrated that barriers absolutely can be broken.


In going through this process we are demonstrating the vital importance of inspiring pioneers – people who prove by example just what is possible. It takes a particular sort of individual to be sufficiently brave, persistent and lucky to reach the pinnacle in their chosen field. The rest of us need examples to encourage us, trend-setters to follow and give us the courage to aspire.


In Knauf we have asked a selection of our people to take some time during October to focus on people who have shaped their thinking. Those individuals who have moved their perception of the role of black women in the UK yesterday, today and tomorrow.


We’ll be sharing the results within the Knauf organisation in a series of short videos – and we’re expecting a wide range of personalities. Some will be business leaders or scientists, some will be authors or actors. It’s not the profession that matters, what matters is the courage and tenacity of people who are not prepared to accept judgement on anything other than their talent.  This is the ethos we promote within Knauf – we care about the person, not the package.

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