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Our Sittingbourne factory and head office recently had the pleasure of hosting students from the Architectural Association in London.

The visit was pivotal to their ‘Climate Week’, and it brought a spotlight to our contributions to sustainability in the production and recycling of plasterboard.

The day was filled with activities, starting with a comprehensive look at safety, an in-depth guided tour of the plant, and a technical demonstration of different ingredients and its effect in stucco – the mixture used to make our plasterboard.

In the afternoon, they visited Countrystyle, our neighbours in Sittingbourne, to gain insights into the plasterboard recycling process, after being the first to hear about our Knauf Take Back Scheme, our new waste management scheme that moves one step closer towards a circular economy.

The students, consisting of pre- and post-and recently qualified architects, asked lots of questions that took them on a deep dive into the production of plasterboard and the sustainability of a key material they design with.

It was a great reminder for the team that our sustainability efforts are not only impactful to the future of our planet but also serve to inspire and resonate with those who will lead the way in the years to come.

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