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What defines Knauf beyond the products and services we provide? Addressing this is our new brand campaign featuring a bold new look and messaging. The campaign reaches out to our customers with the core reasons to choose Knauf. 

Our mission, through our customers, has been to transform the spaces where people live and work. All too often the industry takes what it creates for granted. So much can happen in rooms. Our living and working spaces can define who we are. So how do we capture this as a brand?


This is the exact question we address with our new campaign by taking on board the narrative of ‘we don’t just build walls, we frame lives’. Our goal is to frame the way in which we present ourselves and put the end customer firmly in focus. 


Every customer need is different, and so we must transform the way in which we communicate and address these needs. Whether that’s providing contractors with training and insight, or keeping our merchant customers at the forefront of customer demand, every story is different. And that’s what this campaign explores.


What makes Knauf different?

Sitting at the heart of our brand are four key pillars. While price and product are key factors in driving sales, changing behaviour and creating loyalty requires something more. In defining these pillars, we’re able to align our core values to our customers and position ourselves as a manufacturer customers want to work with.

Safety – it’s at the heart of every project and product. Safety means trusting the product will install and perform as you would expect. And will last the lifetime of the project. It’s peace of mind, knowing you and your customers are covered. It’s knowing all products and systems are tested to the toughest standards. Our proof of this? Our System Performance Guarantee, which covers the lifetime of the system if installed to specification.  

Experience – we understand that people buy from people. At every level, it’s human connections which make and build businesses. Having that trust and faith in those you’re working with makes all the difference when the pressure is on. That’s why in every interaction we have, no matter the level, we bring commercial excellence and humanity to your experience.

Leading and inspiring – Given that 25% of the construction workforce is expected to retire within the next 5 years, it’s crucial for us to acknowledge our responsibility towards the future of our industry. We are committed to endorsing training and employment initiatives to ignite the passion of the next generation.

Innovation – This isn’t just about developing the next evolution of products. It’s continually improving our range, processes, and solutions. In doing so, we aim to drive down costs, improve efficiency, and ultimately limit our impact on the environment. In embodying this commitment, we’re reinvesting 10% of global turnover into long-term capital production projects to secure future growth.


We believe these values are what sets Knauf apart and are factors which help us go above and beyond for our customers.

Want to see our story in action? If you’ve not spotted our advertisements in the trade press, you can click here to discover our full brand story.

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