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Social distancing for finishing trades

Keeping site workers safely distant presents big challenges for the interior and finishing trades, but innovative solutions such as Knauf Airless will make a significant contribution.



Knauf Airless is a range of spray-applied ready-mixed finishes.  With the spray unit handled by a single operative and increased speed of application, the number of people required on site is significantly reduced.



Used on a large residential project in the East of London, subcontractor AT Plastering found this a huge advantage: “Normally for a project this size you’d need 30-40 plasterers, but using the Knauf system we only need 15 spray plasterers.



“There is also no need to have the typical 6-8 labourers to clear up wastage as using Knauf Airless Finish means there is almost zero waste.”



The Airless system is very easy to learn, with limited specialist skills required - our demonstration video of Knauf Airless Light shows all the steps needed to achieve a perfect finish. 



A recent project in Putney involved the subcontractor using the system for the first time, but it won’t be the last. “The team were a bit unsure initially – but they’re all converts now and they think it’s brilliant.”



Speed and efficiency are likely to be top of the list of requirements right now, but the lack of water required on site and the minimal waste generated by the Airless range are also attractive qualities.



For details on the full range of Knauf Airless Ready-mixed Finishes and other ready-mixed compounds, look here.

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