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First class finish with Knauf

Wates Construction has specified Knauf Airless for a fast, high-quality finish throughout Stag House, a new £7m housing development in Putney.

Knauf Airless Finish is a highly efficient spray-applied alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. Its crushed marble formula makes it easier to level and sand, and the product comes ready-mixed in bags. There is no need to bring water on to the site and application of the product prior to sanding is dust-free, giving a much cleaner and safer environment.

The product was specified primarily for its speed and ease of use, but for subcontractors ASH Drywall it was a first, so the training provided by Knauf was an essential part of the service.

ASH Drywall sent a team to the Knauf Learning Zone, the training centre in Sittingbourne, to make sure they were completely comfortable with the system before starting the project and Knauf also followed up with a site visit to answer any last-minute questions.

Tom Hooper-Smith, Project Manager for Wates Construction, was particularly impressed with the safety of the product in use. “Knauf Airless Ready-mixed Finish produces little dust during application as little or no sanding is required, meaning that the environment is safer and more comfortable for site workers.

“The cherry on top has to be that there’s no waste from the product – any unused excess can be scraped back into the hopper – so it is both ecological and economical. It’s a win-win, I really do think it’s the way forward.

The subcontractors are equally enthusiastic. Contracts Manager John Abnett commented that: “The team were a bit unsure initially – but they’re all converts now and they think it’s brilliant. We’ll be happy to tender with this product in the future.”

Stag House is located on the former site of Stag House Community Youth Centre in Putney, South West London.  The four-storey development is providing 21 new homes including 10 for those with physical and learning disabilities, including accommodation for an on-site support officer.

With handover due in May 2020, the speed of the Airless products and the minimal clean-up required made a welcome contribution to the efficiency of the site.



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