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Knauf Secrets: The Future of Finishing

Less waste, less water, less dust, less time: that is the promise from Knauf Airless Spray Finishes, a 21st century alternative to traditional gypsum plaster.

Arriving ready-mixed in bags, there is no need to bring water on to the site and as material removed during the leveling process can simply be put back into the hopper and reused, with every last drop being squeezed out of the bag, there is virtually no waste. 

No gypsum, and greatly reduced silicate dust means a much cleaner and healthier environment for site workers, quicker clean up and less waste and making good.  The Knauf range contains trace silicate, well below HSE requirements.

Sprayed directly onto the wall and ceiling surfaces, Knauf Airless gives a flawless finish in a fraction of the time needed for traditional plastering.  Plus, a big bonus for the tradespeople, significantly less wear and tear on arms and backs.

And if drying out is a thorny issue for new builds, the lack of water in Airless will really make a difference.  Based on a 15,000m2 project, Knauf Airless Ready-mixed Finish uses just 6,628 litres of water, compared to 18,975 litres used for traditional plaster – a 65% reduction.

Want to know more? Our training centres in Sittingbourne and Immingham are set up to help contractors get up and running, and site support is also an option.  Or check out our training videos here.


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