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Knauf Secrets: Water off a duck's back

Water resistant board?  The Knauf solution is AQUAPANEL®.

AQUAPANEL® is a robust, stable and flexible cement board which is highly resistant to water, mould and mildew, with a range of options ideal for challenging wet and humid conditions, whether they be interior or exterior.

The AQUAPANEL® range includes solutions for different moisture challenges: Indoor (tile backing), Outdoor (render carrier) SkyLite (indoor ceilings) Floor Tile Underlay and Rooftop, as well as accessory products and coated metal for ceiling systems.  Complete systems for walls, floors and ceilings, with BBA certification for the AQUAPANEL® Exterior System.

Tough and impact resistant, the boards are surprisingly lightweight, and quick and easy to install. They can be cut by scoring with a knife and then simply snapping, as with plasterboard.

Beyond the impact- and water-resistant characteristics, another advantage is that AQUAPANEL® bends and can be curved to a radius of 1 metre, giving greater design flexibility. 

AQUAPANEL® has been used on a variety of projects, including large-scale housing developments, shopping centres, indoor waterparks and modular housing units.

To find out more about the AQUAPANEL® range, click here.

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