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MCK Maintenance (Sub Contractor)

Products: Knauf ProRoll Max and Knauf ProRoll Light

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Recently released, Knauf’s range of roller-applied plaster products have been a game-changer for Woking based, MCK Maintenance, as Knauf ProRoll adds plastering to their offering to customers.

Company owner, Steve McKeown, trialled the new Knauf products after witnessing the potential product benefits at the National Painting & Decorating Show in late 2016. 

It’s ease-of-use and simple application was the reason Steve stopped to watch the product demonstrations, but it was the time saving benefits that could be passed onto his customers that prompted him to seek out the product for himself.

“What’s great is that it’s so easy to use; if you can use a filler, then you can do this. Now if we are ever stuck getting access to a quality plasterer then we can use Knauf ProRoll and take control of the plastering ourselves,” Steve said.

Knauf ProRoll is applied using a medium pile roller, making it the ideal product for painting and decorating specialists to apply to walls and ceilings. Available in Max and Light, Knauf ProRoll is a quick, clean and efficient way of plastering residential or smaller scale projects.

“We were delighted with the completed work and must admit to it being a better finish than most plastering jobs that I have come across in recent years.  I would imagine that any good decorator could apply this without a massive outlay on tools or any training.”

Supplied pre-mixed in both Light and Max versions, Knauf ProRoll Max is a surface levelling compound used to level irregular or uneven surfaces, up to 4mm thick in multiple coats, prior to finishing. Knauf ProRoll Light is applied in 1mm coats up to 3mm making it an ideal finishing product for use over surfaces prepared with Knauf ProRoll Max, gypsum boards, applied plasters and other smooth surfaces as a replacement to traditional plastering methods.

Quick and simple to apply, Knauf ProRoll is ideal for DIY projects and the painting and decorating market, and provides a superior finish with very little mess and product wastage.

“Because the product comes pre-mixed, it means that we had a uniform consistency which saved us time, but also product as we could put any excess back into the sealable tub,” Steve said.

“We would certainly look to use this product again on a plaster skim job as its brilliant spreading ability and quick-drying topcoat meant that we were able to deliver our customer with a great quality finished product. He was very happy.”