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LED technology 'finally making a difference'

LED technology is beginning to find its place in the energy-efficiency marketplace in the UK, with more properties being fitted with these items as Brits appreciate the energy-saving benefits they can provide.

Alastair Ramsay, sustainable development manager for Legrand, said developers and industry experts have spoken of the benefits of LEDs for a long time now, but the message finally appears to be getting through to the consumer.

He commented: "Key to the adoption of LED lamps is the fact they will lead to a reduction in lighting electricity consumption of between 40 and 80 per cent.

"And although the initial purchase cost is higher, buyers are rewarded by lower operating costs and a significantly longer lifespan that is typically greater than 20 times that of a traditional lamp."

Mr Ramsay added that although the technology has been rapidly developing in recent years, it continues to face resistance from the marketplace, although this is a situation that now seems to be waning.

Indeed, advances in colour rendering have helped LEDs to meet the design requirements of homeowners and construction professionals, with the technology coming up to the standard of the typical incandescent bulb that they were designed to replace.

Furthermore, it has taken a fairly long time for LEDs to become truly economically viable to produce and therefore their high cost has in the past posed somewhat of a stumbling block to their uptake, but this too is now hopefully a thing of the past.

Director of renewable energy solutions provider Gr33n Derrick Wilkinson recently highlighted a number of sustainable technologies as providing excellent energy-efficiency benefits for UK homeowners and developers.

He cited ground and air source heat pumps as extremely ecologically-friendly devices, as well as underfloor heating which helps to maintain a constant ambient temperature in the home. 

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