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Drywall partitions, installed to divide up parts of a home or building into smaller spaces, are the most common interior wall system used. Lightweight and easy to assemble, they are used across all building applications including healthcare, education, commercial and residential.

Our interior metal partitions comprise a number of different components that combine to create the frame. These include the “Head Track” - the top of the frame, the “Studs” - upright supports of the partition and the “Base Track” - the bottom of the frame.

We offer multiple partition systems to suit a range of application needs. The Performer Partition is the most versatile partition solution, able to meet nearly every performance requirement. The Knauf Performer system is lightweight, strong and easy to install across an enormous range of buildings.

Our Isolator Partition is made up of twin frames to provide extra separation between rooms. When combined with our high-performance plasterboards and insulation, an acoustic sound reduction of up to 76dB (Rw) is achievable. It is also suitable for impact duty requirements up to Severe Duty and most effective in residential or commercial build projects for the best possible sound insulation.

Another partition is the Knauf Shaftwall, an innovative system that forms enclosures around service and lift shafts and can be installed from one side only. Exceptionally robust, it offers up to two hours fire protection.

Using our metal partitions offers many advantages over traditional timber partitions. Manufactured from high-quality, galvanised steel, they do not warp like wooden partitions and are protected from environmental conditions.

Metal partitions are also lighter in weight, meaning easier movement and less health and safety risks associated with installation. The lightness also contributes towards a quicker install and this, along with the easy cutting method and no need for noggins, makes metal four times quicker to install than timber. This also accounts for added flexibility in measurements, meaning less errors and therefore, potentially, less wastage.  

For every build there is the right solution to deliver the required performance, and we are able to offer products for all needs, from plasterboard, jointing, accessories and metal profiles. Manufactured in the United Kingdom to British and European standards, our range of metal partitions are simple and fast to install in any kind of project. 

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