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Introducing Knauf Fire Panel, an enhanced solution for fire resistance in plasterboard solutions. Designed to elevate safety in a variety of applications, our range of High-Performance Boards are designed to make your life easier.

Knauf Fire Panel contains additives that make it a vital component in critical structures such as escape routes, Knauf Shaftwall, Knauf MF ceiling systems, and other environments that require more stringent fire performance.

When used as part of the full Knauf system, Fire Panel can offer 120 minutes of fire protection, backed by rigorous, certified testing, ensuring complete peace of mind and compliance in the face of increasingly stringent safety standards.

Recognisable by its distinctive pink paper face, Knauf Fire Panel integrates seamlessly into the full suite of our products. Whether you're finishing with ready-mixed compounds, traditional plaster, or opting for direct decoration, Knauf Fire Panel provides a versatile, effective canvas as the construction project evolves.

But what truly makes our Fire Panel stand out is its integration with the broader Knauf system. When paired with the comprehensive range of Knauf metal, jointing, and fixing solutions, its performance is optimised to its fullest potential. Careful attention has been given to every detail, from sealing of joints to the strategic placement of fire-resistance mastic and inclusion of accessories that expand under extreme heat to fill gaps. These details work together to ensure potential weak points are fortified, preventing the passage of flames.

Knauf Fire Panel is an impactful component of our complete fire protection strategy. With its proven ability to uphold fire resistance for 120 minutes when used with the full Knauf system, it provides the ultimate choice for projects where safety is paramount. Trust Knauf Fire Panel to boost your fire protection measures to higher levels of reliability and performance.

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