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Why settle for standard when you can have enhanced performance?

We are excited to unveil our latest initiative – the ‘What Sets Us Apart’ campaign. We are committed to championing high performance plasterboard solutions that can help create construction excellence, yet can often be overlooked. That is why we have created this campaign to educate on the crucial importance of opting for plasterboard solutions that not only meet basic standards but surpasses them.

In an industry that has a reputation for being traditional, it is no surprise that many construction professionals fall into the habit of using standard products that they are used to working with, rather than proactively sourcing enhanced alternatives. That is why we have created our campaign to showcase the range of Knauf High Performance Boards on offer, as well as highlight the crucial element of taking a full system approach.

When it comes to safe and effective construction, every detail matters, and in the face of evolving building regulations all measures should be taken to ensure you are using the right board for the job. Knauf's range of High-Performance Boards include heightened performance in areas such as fire, moisture, vapour, impact and sound-reduction and x-ray resistance.

Our commitment to fostering excellence does not stop at the plasterboard itself. We believe in a full system approach, which is why our campaign is emphasising the importance of using the full range of Knauf products on offer. From jointing and accessories to metal framing systems, every element plays a vital role in delivering the enhanced performance of the system, and ensuring specifications are always met.

As we roll out the 'What Sets Us Apart' campaign, we invite industry professionals to join us in shaping the future of building materials excellence. Together, let's elevate construction standards and set a new benchmark for quality and performance. Stay tuned for more informative blogs as we continue to redefine what it means to build with Knauf.

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