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Technology 'taking on a larger role in kitchen design'

Technology is taking on a more prominent role in kitchen designs across the UK at present, a sector expert has claimed.

David Moore, kitchen designer at In-toto Swindon, said the fashion for open-plan living and the creation of relaxing and comfortable homes in which all the modern conveniences of home are available has meant people are now utilising more technology in their property than ever before.

As a result of this permeation of technology into our daily lives, the boundaries between traditional interior design and the role of technology in helping to create functional and aesthetically appealing spaces in which to live have become blurred somewhat.

Mr Moore commented: "Expect more integrated music, computers and communication devices into the kitchen furniture, as well as innovations in appliances.

"For example, fridges connected to the internet with built-in touch displays for recipes, online ordering and video calling to friends and family."

He added that neutral colours are likely to prove popular with homeowners in the coming months, as they allow individuals to blend different areas of the home more easily.

However, in larger kitchens a strong design aesthetic can be the use of bold contrasting shades, while the use of wood is also very contemporary and is more highly sustainable, making it appealing to people who are keen to keep their environmental impact to a minimum.

According to showroom manager at ANLO Kitchen Graham Robinson, a shift away from the minimalist movement that has proven so popular over recent years is now taking place, with Brits looking for contemporary kitchen designs that have more colour and passion.

He argued that style and functionality have come to the fore in terms of the key focus for those carrying out a kitchen makeover and therefore the use of chunky, solid materials and shapes is currently popular.

Hardwoods and natural slate, marble and other stones are seen by many as some of the best choices for those looking to take on this contemporary design idea. 

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