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Knauf Secrets: Knauf Windliner - The ideal weather protection for the building envelope


Knauf Windliner is an external sheathing board ideal for use with steel infill systems. From exceptional protection to ease of installation, discover how you could utilise Knauf Windliner on your next build.


“Windliner is our preferred option due to the ease of installation compared to other sheathing boards. It can be cut with a knife, so no need to set up expensive saws and extractors. The screws pull in with ease and the Windliner Tape provides a good seal even in moist conditions.” Ryan Doherty, Commercial Director, WD Drywall.


The board has a fire and moisture resistant core, and is faced with treated terracotta-coloured paper to reduce moisture ingress.  Providing excellent performance in accordance with UK and European standards, it is BBA certified and has a fire reaction class A2-s1, d0, material of limited combustibility suitable for buildings of over 18m.


Once boarded with Knauf Windliner, a building can be exposed to external elements for up to 6 months. In addition, Knauf Windliner offers many on-site benefits including a quick and easy cutting method – you can simply score and snap the boards. It can be fixed without difficulty using the low-profile headed Knauf Windliner Screws, with no pre-drilling required, resulting in a faster installation compared to a traditional cement particle board. Furthermore, the boards themselves are also lighter than cement particle boards.


For more information and technical details click here or see the product in action here.

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