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Knauf Secrets: Dry Screed Speed

It’s all about speed.  Knauf Dry Screed Floors save time on site or in a factory build: they are easy to install and are ready for traffic in a fraction of the time of traditional wet screeds.


Knauf Floors use gypsum fibreboard technology providing a tough, impact resistant surface while remaining lightweight and easy to handle.

The products come in the form of interlocking panels and the installation system requires just 24 hours before being fully loaded, allowing floor finishes, such as ceramic or natural stone tiles, to be completed much sooner.


With products to suit a wide range of applications, from residential new build or refurbishment (Brio), to commercial access floors (GIFAfloor), the range includes products offering enhanced acoustic performance and excellent control of impact sound transmission.  Thermally transparent, the panels are ideal for underfloor heating systems.


Floor build-ups using dry screed floors will be narrower than their wet screed equivalents.  For height-restricted multi-storey projects, the space saving accumulated over many floors could result in the capacity for an additional storey.


Once installed, dry screed floors also allow for much easier access to services. Should any maintenance be needed, a small area of board is removed and replaced once work is complete – a much simpler operation than excavating and repairing a wet screed floor.


Together with low VOCs, no water requirement and energy cost savings to the end user, this ensures that Knauf Dry Screed Flooring systems make a positive contribution to the environmental impact calculations for the project. 


To find out more about the Dry Screed Flooring range, click here.



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