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System Variants


  • Sound: 62 dB(Rw)

  • Fire (integrity and insulation, EI): 90:90

  • Max height: 4200mm

  • Width: 148mm

  • Impact duty: Severe


  • Sound: 65 dB(Rw)

  • Fire (integrity and insulation, EI): 90:90

  • Max height: 3200mm

  • Width: 164mm

  • Impact duty: Severe


  • Sound: 48 dB(Rw)

  • Fire (integrity and insulation, EI): 60:60

  • Max height: 3800mm

  • Width: 102mm

  • Impact duty: Severe


  • Fire ratings quoted in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1987. For ratings in accordance with EN 1364-1: 1999, please contact Knauf Technical Services on 0800 030 4135.

  • Maximum heights calculated based on a limiting deflection of L/240 at 200Pa.

  • Impact Duty rated in accordance with BS 5234: Part 2: 1992 Annexes B,C,D,E.

System Downloads

We provide installation procedures, application details and performance data for our systems. Declarations of Performance (DoPs), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) and others can be found on our product pages. If you can't find the downloads you're looking for, please contact our Technical Services team and they will be happy to help.

Design and Technical Support

Contact our Technical Services team for help and support on any aspect of your project. They're available via email and phone.

System Performance Warranty

Our range of fully warranted drywall systems provide peace of mind for specifiers and contractors.