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Project data

Value: £700 million

BCEGI Construction (UK) Ltd (Developer) and SCS (Sub Contractor)

Products: Knauf Windliner

Project detail

Knauf’s Technical Services Team played a critical role during the construction of the first phase of a brand new mixed-use residential and retail development in Salford.

BCEGI Construction’s £700m Middlewood Locks development is one of the most sought-after sites in Salford, centred around the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal and with key employment space and major transport infrastructure close by.

For such an important development, it was essential to use a high-quality product that was also cost-efficient. That is why subcontractor SCS chose to use Knauf Windliner instead of the originally specified traditional cement-based material.

Darren Friend, Commercial Director at SCS, said that the ease of installation offered by Knauf Windliner gave the product an edge over its competitors.

“Having the full system of accessories all supplied and warranted by Knauf has made our life easier rather than sourcing from multiple suppliers,” said Darren.

“Knauf provided a lot of assistance throughout the project, providing all technical data and information needed by our client to get their change through building control and their insurance providers. They also did numerous site visits throughout the project and reports for our client on the quality of the installation.”

Knauf Windliner was put to the test when unforeseen circumstances meant the building’s insulation had to be removed. This left Windliner exposed to the inclement British weather for six months whilst the insulation and external façade were re-applied.

Contractors were safe in the knowledge that Knauf Windliner has been independently tested and third-party certified by the British Board of Agrément for its water resistance and weather-tightness during the construction phase and prior to the installation of the external façade.

Darren added: “SCS had used Knauf Windliner on a couple of small projects previously but this was the first large scale project with in excess of 14,500m2 and we are very impressed with it. We are very satisfied with both the product and service provided and will be putting Knauf forward on future projects.”

Used on numerous construction projects throughout the UK and Europe, Knauf Windliner provides the ideal solution for architects and contractors seeking an external sheathing board that will protect their buildings regardless of the elements.

The boards are significantly lighter than traditional cement particle board, allowing for easier handling on site and faster installation times. Manufactured from gypsum rather than cement, boards can be manipulated on site by simply scoring and snapping to the required size and shape. Speed of construction is even further accentuated because the boards require no specialist fixings and no pre-drilling is necessary.

The first apartments at Middlewood Locks were recently made available to buy and construction of the first phase is expected to be completed by Spring 2018.