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Stansted plans new terminal building

Stansted plans new terminal building

Stansted Airport has published plans for a new 34,000 sq ft terminal building.

The airport, the largest in Britain to operate out of a single terminal, handles up to 5,000 departures an hour at peak times. But with demand for air travel at an all-time high and set to rise in the years ahead, the airport is keen to bolster its capacity.

While Heathrow and Gatwick have been battling it out over the issue of where a new runway will be built, Stansted's existing stretch of tarmac could handle enough flights to enable 43 million passengers a year to use the airport. At present, the figure is 24 million a year and the new terminal will raise this to 35 million.

Built over three levels, the new terminal will have more shops and larger areas for baggage and immigration. In turn, it will enable the existing terminal building to have larger immigration and security areas.

Commenting on the plans, Stansted Airport chief executive Andrew Cowan commented: "The planning application and concept design for the new £130 million arrivals building marks the latest phase in Stansted’s transformation and enables us to support further growth over the next decade and give our passengers the facilities that they want."

Should planning permission be granted, construction will be complete by 2022.

It means the number of construction jobs around London's airports could be even higher than it is already set to be with Heathrow's expansion.  

Earlier this week, Heathrow revealed it intends to make its planning application for the new runway in 2019, by which time, it will be hoped, the political and legal hurdles will all have been cleared.

Heathrow Airport expansion director Emma Gilthorpe said: "Heathrow has its team in place, working to deliver the benefits of expansion in the most sustainable way." 

She added that there will be many opportunities for local consultation.

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