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Over the past few years, Knauf Airless applied finish has gained significant popularity as a preferred choice for achieving high-quality finishes on partitions and ceilings. However, one major challenge faced by the industry was the absence of a recognised training standard or proof of competency. This lack of standardisation posed difficulties for both learners and those seeking assurance of skill proficiency.

Our dedicated training team at Knauf took it upon themselves to address this issue. They worked diligently to develop an ‘approved standard’ for Airless spray plastering, which has now been officially adopted by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) as the industry benchmark. This development not only provides learners with an approved CITB short-duration course certificate that validates their competence but also ensures that their assessment results are uploaded onto the CITB portal by Knauf as an approved training provider.

The visibility of these certification records on the CITB portal provides learners with credentials that can be easily accessed through their CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card. Those who have joined CITB can also take advantage of claiming a tier 2 grant of £140 as part of a levy system implemented by CITB. 

By taking a proactive approach in establishing an approved training standard we have not only helped to provide evidence of an applicator’s' ability but also contributed to raising industry standards overall. 


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