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Expert offers wooden flooring tips

Flooring sales representative at Schilling Design Center and Lumber Yard Jim Vonch has offered advice to homeowners planning the installation of wood flooring over the coming months.

Having worked in the flooring sector for the past 17 years, Mr Vonch told news provider Patch that allowing woods to become accustomed to the home is an essential first step in any project.

He advised: "The wood has to get used to your environment. It acclimatises to your environment. Wood can expand or contract. If you start installing before acclimating, you could get some peaking. It's going to move a lot and could cause all kinds of problems."

As a result, individuals installing wood floors should store planks in the area where they are to be fitted for a number of days, as this will allow them to shrink or grow to the size they will be once installed and reduce the likelihood of headaches further down the road.

Furthermore, Mr Vonch stated that that when it comes to finishing an installation, property owners should avoid using any abrasive cleaners or be tempted to apply oils or waxes. Doing so could result in problems in later years if floors need refinishing.

Some finishes will react with polyurethane coatings and cause bubbling that can be a nightmare to fix, so they are best avoided altogether.

Tom Jennings, chairman of the World Floor Covering Association Services, also recently urged Brits planning hardwood flooring projects to consider the breadth of available materials that are open to them, and to choose a material that is suitable for their needs.

"Since wood is inherently the most sensitive flooring type when moisture is present, it is typically not recommended in a bath area where there is a tub or shower present, as these will generate an excessive amount of humidity," Mr Jennings noted. 

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