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Originality and quality 'to be at the forefront of design'

Some of this year's biggest trends will be in developing originality and incorporating high quality into any interior design projects, it has been claimed.

Sara Corker, director of Sara Corker Designs, said this year is likely to see many people focusing on high-end products and quality furnishings and fittings in order to make their homes as stylish and contemporary as possible.

Colours that are set to be extremely popular over the coming months will include reds, greens, turquoises and yellows, all mixed with blacks and darker shades, while 2013 is more likely to see a lean towards softer palettes - dusky pinks, apricots, pastel greens and baby blues.

Ms Corker also revealed many homeowners will be buying British when it comes to fixtures and fittings.

"The British furniture standards are one of the highest in the world [and] there is going to be even more emphasis on this. Styles of the 1940s and 1950s with a splash of arts and crafts mixture will also show through," she commented. Ms Corker noted longevity is going to be one of the watchwords of 2012, as Brits are investing in design and products that will stand the test of time, both aesthetically and in terms of wear and tear.

Neil Lerner, owner and managing director of Neil Lerner Kitchen Design, also recently added that colour is taking on an increasingly important role for homeowners, as they look to inject a splash of excitement into their interior designs.

Bright backsplashes in the kitchen and the use of accent pieces throughout the home were seen as some of the best ways to introduce colour without the need for a total redecoration.

He commented: "Combining bright shades with pastels is very popular, as are rich Mediterranean colours of mango, olive green, steel blue and a fruity blackberry. Don't choose one colour for the whole kitchen without breaking it up or it will be overwhelming." 

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