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Brits 'benefit from videos for home improvement'

UK homeowners are reaping the benefits of access to video and applications that provide them with detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to carry out DIY home improvements, it has been claimed.

Interiors journalist Ellie Tennant said there has been a major growth in the number of applications and devices that can provide this type of useful information to property owners over recent years and, which is helping to make many Brits savvier about tackling these tasks themselves.

She commented: "I think we're lucky that we live in a digital age, because I'm not very good with 2D line drawings or those kinds of instructions.

"When somebody actually physically shows you how to do it on a video it's so much easier - it's like having your dad in the living room showing you."

Ms Tennant added that there are numerous small DIY jobs that people put off on a regular basis, but if they are intent on really make their home the best it can be, then cracking on with these jobs is a must.

She gave the example of numerous small holes in the walls of her own Victorian home from earlier hangings of paintings and pictures that were removed when she moved in, noting that getting these holes filled would help complete her own home designs.

Interior designer and TV presenter Julia Kendell said last month that many Brits have the capabilities to carry out DIY tasks around the home, but they are lacking the confidence to do so and instead are turning to professionals.

She noted that simple tasks around the home such as tiling, painting and hanging doors do not require the services of a professional and as a result many homeowners could be forking out needlessly for jobs they could be doing themselves. 

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