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Kitchens 'should be welcoming'

Kitchens should be decorated in a welcoming style in order for Brits to lead more comfortable lives, a design expert has stated.

Interior designer and TV presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen said the mistake that many people make is that they still see the kitchen as an area that should be functional rather than a place in which to relax and entertain.

As a result, many Brits are living with kitchens that do not provide a sense of belonging. Instead they revolve around the latest gadgets and technologies that do little to promote a healthy sense of family.

He commented: "The kitchen often has an enormous amount of money spent on it and will increasingly be trend-driven, because it's something that gets changed a lot.

"It's got an emotional link to the fact that people see it very much as the heart of the home, and a place where we all as families spend time together."

In order to achieve this, Mr Llewelyn-Bowen recommended decorating the kitchen as one would their living room, creating an area where families will enjoy getting together and spending time.

This can be achieved by using wallpaper instead of tiling and placing comfortable furniture in the room that encourages people to sit down, relax and discuss their day.

He added carpet can also be an excellent choice for style-conscious decorators at present, while island units are also extremely popular - especially given the trend for TV cookery shows, with many homeowners now using this area as if they are presenting their very own cookery demonstration when entertaining guests.

Meanwhile, Alexi Sugden, founder of interior design practice Egerton Designs, recently argued that a well-designed kitchen can be an excellent way for property owners to add value to their home.

He noted that a kitchen which promotes family values and can be seen by prospective buyers as a great place to entertain can be a real selling point. 

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