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Brits advised on bathroom flooring

UK property owners have been advised of the key requirements of bathroom flooring when embarking on refits of this space.

Philiep Caryn, communications and sponsorship manager at Quick-Step, said the bathroom floor is one area which must have functionality as its main criteria, ensuring it is both non-slip and water resistant, or Brits could see injuries to themselves or damage to their home.

Indeed, practicality coupled with style should be the order of the day for homeowners, as Brits should look to embrace functionality but also have one eye on the overall aesthetics of this important room.

There are many flooring products now available for those planning a bathroom overhaul, including stone tiling, laminate or wood products.

He commented: "Cleaning and maintaining your floor is obviously important, as it can help to prolong its life and improve its appearance over time. One of the major benefits of laminate flooring is its ease of maintenance.

"The surface means that any loose dirt can be swept or wiped away without staining the floor."

Mr Caryn added homeowners should ensure they are aware of the costs of fitting impractical bathroom flooring in their property.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It + Home Improvement magazine, noted earlier this month that anyone considering the updating of their home should only embark on DIY projects if they have the necessary skills to do so.

She commented: "You really need to think 'am I confident in doing this and have I had experience of doing this before?'"

Indeed, Ms DeSouza argued there are a number of tasks which most Brits should be able to complete with ease, such as removing carpets or putting up a shelf. However, projects which involve professional skills, like plumbing or electrics, should only ever be undertaken by individuals who have the necessary qualifications. 

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