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A lot of our products are designed to meet different types of performance including acoustics (sound reduction or enhancement), fire resistance and impact duty. Our systems combine different products to produce solutions for the most demanding environments. 

Whether being installed in schools, hospitals, offices or hotels, we can provide a solution for any application. You might need a special acoustic specification for a concert hall, or impact-resistant walls for a new hospital. Whatever the project, we will have a solution that can be applied to it. 



Our acoustic materials help to create solutions that always meet your acoustic requirements for specific reverberation time or absorption.

Fire Protection

Fire protection

Fire protection is one of the most import elements to consider during the design phase of a project.

Impact Duty

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Impact Duty rating refers to a products performance under forceful contact or collision with an object.

Moisture Control

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Moisture control is about limiting a product’s ability to absorb water, and to resist the damaging action of water.

Thermal Insulation


A product’s thermal insulation is measured by its ability to resist heat transfer (thermal resistance) and its ability to conduct (thermal conductivity).