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Knauf helps Euros match keep on track


When the Allianz Arena was built in 2005, a great deal of emphasis was placed on safety. So, when a small fire broke out in a technical room shortly before the German national team hosted France in Euro 2020, everything was taken under control very swiftly. The use of Knauf Fireboard throughout the stadium had an important role to play in the control of the fire, allowing the match to continue as scheduled.


Knauf Fireboard is a fleece-lined glass reinforced gypsum plasterboard available in a wide range of thicknesses to provide up to four hours of fire protection in structural steel encasement.


The Allianz Arena is the footballing home of two of Germany’s most historic clubs, FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich. With a capacity of 70,000 for international matches, quickly dealing with any health and safety issues, such as a fire, is of utmost importance.


Due to their exceptional performance qualities and aesthetics, the entire Allianz Arena is equipped exclusively with Knauf systems. A total of around 230,000 m2 of gypsum panels and 30,000 m2 of AQUAPANEL® Outdoor were used on the project.


The smooth outer façade is designed as a diamond-shaped, translucent envelope consisting of 2,800 inflatable plastic cushions with integrated lighting. The Allianz Arena has lost none of its appeal 15 years on from its opening for the World Cup in 2006.


Furthermore, the safety of all those who visit or work at the Arena has been shown to have been an important consideration throughout the design and construction process.


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