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Knauf launches New Improved Airless Finishes Range


Users of Knauf Airless Finishes are already benefiting from two and a half times better productivity than their rivals using traditional hand-applied plasters.  Now market leader Knauf leads the way by launching its new improved second generation of Airless products.


The Knauf range, sprayed directly onto wall and ceiling surfaces, produces less waste, uses less water and is quicker to install than traditional gypsum plaster.  Arriving ready-mixed, there is no requirement for water on site and virtually no wastage as any material removed during the leveling process can simply be returned to the hopper and reused.


Benefits of the new improved Airless formula include the product is easier to level on the wall, leaves a smooth finer finish and creates less dust.  In terms of the Airless spray machine, it runs quieter and reaches working pressure more quickly, as well as reducing wear and tear on spray equipment and easier cleaning of the spray machine after use.


Offering less stress on the arms and back, and less dust due to the lack of gypsum and only trace Silica, means a cleaner, healthier environment for site workers too.


The range of products remains the same although Knauf Airless DuraDeco has been renamed Knauf Airless Impact Finish.


The packaging is also new and improved boasting a new design, and for added protection and to keep bags clean once opened the pallet will now have a cardboard lid.


Find out more about the new Knauf Airless Ready-mixed Finishes range here.


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