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Knauf Danotile is a demountable gypsum-based ceiling tile that has been designed for environments where cleanliness and infection control is essential. It is the ideal solution for rooms where hygiene is strictly controlled, such as kitchens, clean rooms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, laboratories and fitness centres.

Tested for the highest level of chemical resistance, Knauf Danotile can be cleaned with concentrated disinfectants and detergents with a pH range between 2.5 and 13.0. The dirt-resistant white foil covered surface provides a clean and modern look, whilst ensuring day-to-day maintenance is hassle-free for the end user.

Knauf Danotile can comfortably withstand temperatures of up to 50oC and has a humidity resistance of 90%, making it for the perfect choice for environments such as commercial kitchens and leisure centres.

As part of its commitment to providing the highest quality systems for building contractors, Knauf offers both 15mm and 24mm T-grid profiles that have been designed to complement Knauf Danotile. The tiles can also be cut to size on site, offering quick and simple installation, even if the ceiling is an irregular size.

Knauf’s mission is to positively impact and enhance the built environment. An inspirational project showcase on the Knauf website demonstrates how we build for the world we live in every day: from our homes, schools and hospitals to our leisure centres and libraries.

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