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The updated and improved Knauf powdered jointing range


Knauf has been synonymous with producing quality interior finishing products for a long time now. However, when it became clear some of the powdered jointing products were not quite meeting customer expectations, Knauf knew something had to change.


Knauf listened to the feedback being received, made sure to digest and understand it all before going away to reformulate the powdered jointing range. Now the Company is confident that the reformulated products deliver the performance and consistency required.


The finishing colour is now more consistent. The product is easier to mix and feels like it has body to it when levelling a joint and, if you need to sand, it will be a smoother process. Knauf’s confidence in the reformulated product range was further reinforced by conducting extensive product trials with contractors to benchmark Knauf’s powdered jointing products against alternative products.


Knauf’s powdered jointing products now also have the longest shelf life on the market. Knauf Joint Filler Premium, and Knauf Fill & Finish Premium 30 and 60 both have a shelf life of 9 months, whilst Knauf Joint Cement Premium offers an even better shelf life of 12 months. All of these are a big advancement over other products on the market. 


The benefits of using Knauf’s powdered jointing products extends beyond shelf life and ease of use also. If a client or contractor wants the benefits of a Knauf full system performance warranty, they will need to use 100% Knauf products, i.e. jointing material, boards, fixings and finishes. A fully warrantied Knauf system will give both the contractor and their client peace of mind.


So, Knauf urges you to get in contact, try the new Premium Powdered Jointing products and find out for yourself how they’ve improved. If you’d like guidelines, advice on mixing ratios or have any other query, visit



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