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Contractor: S&R London Ltd. 

Products used: Knauf Drylining – Moisture Panel, Fire Panel, Soundshield Plus

The Ladderswood Development is a regenerative project based in the London Borough of Enfield. There are 112 properties, all overlooking a central sculpted landscaped area within the development. Given the interior shape and goal of creating comfortable living spaces, both contractor and installer agreed that Knauf offered the performance they needed. 



The project was award to drylining specialists S&R London Ltd. in April 2022. Interior work began in January 2023, and they were tasked with bringing the internal aspects of the development up to specification. 

Elion Mucaj, Quality Manager for S&R London explains. “When we got the project at Ladderswood early last year, we were initially asked how we were going to ensure it was completed to a high standard that would make the development attractive to future residents. We explained our operating process, and what we were aiming to do to ensure that the client’s needs were met.”

“Once the client was satisfied, they mentioned they wanted Knauf products used internally because of their previous experience using their range. Coincidentally that was our thoughts too! We knew when we saw the specification, we wanted to use Knauf throughout to hit those performance targets.”

Meeting the brief.

Being a residential development, fire performance and safety was one of the key considerations for product choice. To achieve this, it was decided that Knauf Fire Panel should be used, with Elion commenting. “Knauf Fire Panel was brilliant; it has the fire performance we needed for the project and of course the warranty it comes with means that we had peace of mind that the product would be secure.” 

To achieve the level of acoustic performance and comfort for the apartments, Knauf Soundshield Plus was put to good use. “We knew we needed a solution which would ensure minimal sound transfer between the homes. From using the product before and speaking with Knauf, we opted for Soundshield Plus. It was ideal for use within the main walls of the properties.”


To round out the overall performance of the properties, Knauf Moisture Panel was used in each of the bathrooms. Chosen for its excellent moisture resistant properties, Moisture Panel helped to minimise any potential damp-related issues and reduce snagging.

“Knauf Moisture Panel was the first thing we thought of when it came to the bathrooms. We knew that it is perfect for places that get very humid, and with its material makeup it can really reduce the amount of damp related issues that could develop in the properties. In the long run, it would save everyone a lot of hassle.”

Supporting factors.

When looking back over the reasons for specifying Knauf for the interior, Elion recalls it wasn’t just the performance guarantees which helped swing the decision.

“We have used Knauf in the past and the benefits of using their products are many, but the key thing for us is the technical support. It’s phenomenal and is available as and when we need it.”

“Whenever we had questions, we’d get in touch with Knauf and they’d happily answer, no matter how big or small. They also made regular site visits to make sure that everything was going well and that we were all on the same page.”

With performance being at the heart of the offer, Knauf was the first choice for both S&R London Ltd. and the client, Mulalley. However, it highlights the importance of the support behind the products which can make the difference on site. Being able to quickly answer technical queries, offer visits to site, and performance guarantees, all adds up for a compelling manufacturer offer.