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Slättängs School in Sweden

Project Data

Products used: Knauf Plaza Micro, Knauf Stratopanel, Knauf Belgravia Micro, and Knauf Akustikpanel and Knauf Tectopanel on the walls


Project Details

Good classroom acoustics are a fundamental classroom need. And what constitutes good acoustics can vary depending on the intended use of the room. Full absorption and low reverberation time is not always the objective. The aim is to construct an acoustic environment that gives students and teachers the most advantageous learning experience.


“Before its renovation Slättängsskolan was a classic 70s-style school with a very limited inflow of light. Therefore, our goal was to create light and more up to date rooms in the school. For the same reason we also recommended a gypsum ceiling, because it provides a clean, light expression wherever it is used. “Our goal was to create light and more up to date rooms in the school” At the same time we established so-called “light islands” in the ceiling, partly aided by Knauf Stratopanel, which allowed us to give the light islands a beautiful, organic, amoeba-like shape. We had also worked together with Knauf before and were extremely happy with the collaboration.”

Kerstin Wergeni-Wasberg, Uulas Arkitekter in Kristianstad