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Value: 60 million Euros

Products used: Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop and Knauf Insulation


Image: By Ballota - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


In 2019 Split Airport – also known as Resnik Airport – was the second busiest in Croatia, handling around 3.3 million passengers with more than 200 flights and 50,000 passengers on its busiest weekends. It is a major destination for leisure flights during the European summer holiday season and an important hub for Croatia Airlines.


In order to meet all future requirements of rising passenger numbers the construction of a new terminal was started in the beginning of 2017. Phase one of the project, containing the new terminal building and the adjacent parking area, was completed in July 2019. The complete project, which also includes the restoration of the existing terminal, equates to the value of 60 million Euros.


A public road separates the parking area and terminal. Therefore the planners chose to build a closed pedestrian bridge, which prevents traffic obstructions and protects passengers from weather and airplane noise. The design of the flat roof was included in the decision-making, which should reliably prevent noise from entering the building.


Therefore, it was decided to use a system consisting of 2,200m² Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop as a cover board combined with a stone wool insulation by Knauf Insulation. 


Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop comes in two thicknesses and can be used either as a cover board (6mm) for use on top of flat roof insulation (as on this project) or as a substrate board (12.5mm) to cover the steel deck.


Besides sound insulation, there was a strong focus on fire protection as well. The combination of stone wool as insulation material and Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop was a logical choice for the airport’s decision makers given their non-combustibility.