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1 General

This statement sets out the UK tax strategy of Knauf UK GmbH (“the company”) tax resident

in Germany with a permanent establishment in the UK.

The publication of this statement is regarded as fulfilling the company’s obligation under

Paragraph 19(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016 to publish its UK tax strategy during

the financial year ended 31 December 2019.

As part of a multinational group the company is aligned with and follows the guiding principles

and code of conduct for the Knauf group.

Generally the tax strategy and strategic objectives are intended to establish a clear and

unequivocal approach to all aspects of tax reporting and compliance.

This tax strategy is owned and approved by the Board of Directors of Knauf UK GmbH and

sets out the group's general tax arrangements as well as the policy and approach to tax risk

management, attitude to tax planning and working with HMRC.

This tax strategy applies from the date of publication until it is superseded and covers all UK

taxes applicable to the company.

2 Tax Strategy Statement

2.1 Approach to tax risk management and governance

The company is committed to compliance with UK tax law, regulation and disclosure

requirements by:

 Paying the right amount of tax at the right time,

 Filing complete and accurate returns on a timely basis,

 Seeking to utilise available tax reliefs and incentives where available in a manner which

is consistent with the government’s policy objectives.

Overall responsibility for the company’s tax strategy rests with the company’s Board of

Directors. Day to day management of the company’s tax affairs is undertaken by the finance


External advisers are engaged to provide additional expertise where it is considered



2.2 Tax planning

The company does not engage in tax planning that does not support genuine commercial

activity nor does it participate in artificial tax avoidance schemes to reduce its UK tax liabilities.

The company does not seek to structure transactions in ways that give tax results inconsistent

with their underlying economic consequences.

2.3 Tax risk management

The company takes a responsible approach to managing its tax affairs and seeks to comply

with all statutory obligations. Third party advice is sought where it is considered appropriate,

typically where there is a material level of uncertainty or complexity. The company’s

approach to tax risks follows the same principles that apply to other business risks and

includes consideration of reputational and other non-financial risks. By being tax compliant

the company aims to minimise tax risk.

The company seeks to reduce tax risks by implementing internal reporting tools and other

measures and it only structures its affairs based on sound commercial principles and in

accordance with the Knauf Group policy and relevant tax legislation.

2.4 Relationship with HMRC

The company maintains a good working relationship with HMRC and complies with all

applicable tax laws and regulations. In its dealings with HMRC, the company acts in an open

and transparent manner and in the event of a disagreement aims to resolve matters in a timely

manner through the provision of full and accurate information, open and honest dialogue and

the willingness wherever possible to reach an agreement.

2.5 Covered Knauf entities

This statement covers also the following Knauf Companies:

 Knauf Ltd

 Diamond Gypsum Wallboard Ltd

 Knauf UK Ltd

 Knauf DIY Ltd

 Marmorit UK Ltd

 Richter Systems Ltd