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The Gender Pay Gap reporting requires us to identify differences in pay between the male and female employee population across our business. This is a measure to demonstrate the difference between each gender’s average earnings (regardless of job role) which is expressed as a percentage of men’s pay. In line with the Gender Pay Information Regulations 2017, I am pleased to share our latest Gender Pay Gap Report, which has been generated from data gathered on the 5 th April 2021.


In short, I am delighted that we can report continued improvement in certain areas of the report, with clear improvements since our last published report in 2021.


Achieving pay parity across gender remains a key challenge in the manufacturing and construction industry, and our business is no different considering we have a high proportion of our employee population is male. However, the end of 2021 saw a marked increase in the number of females joining Knauf.


With family-centric values at our core, Knauf continues to endeavour to close the pay gap; we recognise the value of each and everyone of our employees by providing an objective, competitive, and fair framework to ensure parity, equality and fairness.


We will continue to work hard to close our gender pay gap and ensure that we build an open and inclusive work environment for all employees.


Emma Delaney

HR & Sustainability – UK and Ireland