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Gender Pay gap reporting is now in its sixth year and we are proud to share our latest report, based on data collected on April 5th 2022.



Over the years what we have learned is that it is possible to have a gender pay gap and to still pay men and women fairly.  Equal pay looks at the difference in men and women's pay for the same or similar work.  The gender pay gap is calculated by taking all employees across Knauf and comparing the average pay between men and women.  Reporting annually is an important way to track how recruitment, reward and progression decisions impact the achievement of a diverse, inclusive workplace.



Although achieving gender pay parity remains challenging in our industry.  I am pleased to report that our latest report shows a continued improvement in certain areas.  We are happy to see more women joining our company and moving into more senior roles, particularly in the very male dominated functions of our business. 



At Knauf, we are dedicated to create a family-centric workplace culture that promotes inclusivity and equality for all.  We offer a comprehensive set of policies and initiatives that fosters inclusivity and equality for all, including agile working, purchased holiday, extended maternity and paternity leave, all to ensure our employees can balance their personal and professional commitments. We encourage regular training and development opportunities to support our employee’s growth and career development and are very proud in seeing our apprenticeships flourish year on year.  We are confident that our recent introduction of job evaluation and pay grading and ever growing initiatives, that with hard work, dedication, and a continued focus on fairness and equality, we can continue to make progress towards our goal of creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to achieve their full potential in a equitable and inclusive workplace.



Emma Delaney


HR & Sustainability Director