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As we embark on our seventh year of Gender Pay gap reporting, we are pleased to share our latest findings.

While equal pay addresses disparities in pay for identical or similar roles, the gender pay gap sheds light on the overall average pay difference across all Knauf employees. We have learned that a gender pay gap can persist even within an environment committed to fair pay practices for both men and women.

Annual reporting serves as a crucial health check for monitoring and identifying the root causes of the gender pay gap. It requires us to hold a mirror up to ourselves and keep us accountable. By examining our recruitment, reward, and people strategies to ensure we are creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

As People Director, I am committed to leading initiatives aimed at closing the gender pay gap within our organisation. We remain focused on being a great employer for great people, we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits, including flexible working arrangements, expanded leave options for maternity and paternity, and opportunities for additional holiday time, ensuring our employees can effectively balance their personal and professional lives.

We actively promote ongoing training and development opportunities to support our employees' career growth and advancement. The continued success of our apprenticeship programmes is a source of pride year after year.

We continue to cultivate an environment where every individual feels empowered to achieve their full potential. While achieving gender pay parity remains a significant challenge in our industry, our latest report showcases encouraging progress.

We're delighted to see women stepping into senior and specialist roles, with a few joining traditionally male-dominated areas like our plant-based operations.

Emma Delaney

People & Sustainability Director