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Condensation/Moisture Control Regulations

Document F

National Building Regulations Approved Document F is concerned with some aspects of moisture control in buildings by ventilation, and the recommendations for roofs for the control of condensation. The latter is relevant when constructing and insulating a room-in-roof as adequate ventilation cavities must be allowed for to ensure condensation does not occur.

Document F covers the following:

F1 : Means of ventilation.
Section 1 : Domestic buildings.
Section 2 : Non-domestic buildings.

F2 : Condensation in roofs.
Section 1 : Domestic buildings.
Section 2 : Non-domestic buildings.

British Standards

The British Standards that are most relevant to aspects of condensation/moisture including the use of plasterboard and associated products are as follows:

BS1230: Part 1: 1985 (1994)
Specification for plasterboard excluding materials submitted to secondary operations.

BS5250: 1989
Control of condensation in buildings.

BS8000: Part 8: 1994
Code of practice for plasterboard partitions and dry linings.

BS8212: Part 1: 1995
Code of practice for dry lining and partitioning using gypsum plasterboard.

Note: there are regional differences in regulations for Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.


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