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Construction is changing fast and Knauf is open to partnerships that help to explore and develop the potential for its products.  This open-minded approach to innovation is particularly evident in its work with various offsite and modular building options.

Perhaps the most radical example of modern approaches to building is the Modulous concept. Modulous provides digital solution to modular construction. Not reliant on factories or permanent fabrication plants, this is instead a technology platform. Software generates designs for multifamily apartment buildings and is combined with a physical Kit of Parts product solution that enables these designs to be built with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Using the Kit of Parts enables indicative build costs to be provided at an early stage and the software can also shorten the time required to gain planning approval.

These are then given to contractors who will use the “kit of parts” to build modules and then assemble them on site. It’s a fast, efficient way to develop high-quality homes at the speed and scale which is so desperately needed.



It’s also an entirely new way of approaching the whole building process and Knauf was delighted to partner with Modulous at a very early stage, recognising that its lightweight building materials are perfectly suited to this agile building concept.

Demonstrating how this apparently abstract concept can deliver high quality buildings was challenging at the early stages of its development, so the easiest solution was simply to construct a sample module – now sitting beside the Knauf office at its manufacturing site in Sittingbourne.

This module is an example of the type of structure that would be used for an apartment building. It is based on a range of Knauf materials that are used to construct systems for interior partitions, ceilings and exterior walls.

Working with Modulous to develop the concept was a great opportunity for the Knauf technical team to explore a particularly innovative solution to modern construction.

Managing Director of Knauf UK & Ireland, Ian Stokes, was fully supportive of the partnership: “Modern Methods, like this Modulous solution, offer opportunities to improve safety, productivity, quality and sustainability. These are values that Knauf shares.

“This showhome demonstrates a great example of a process that could really start to make an impact on the chronic housing shortage in this country, transforming people’s lives. It’s one way to Build for the World We Live In.”

The showhome unit is open for visits from any specifier wanting to understand what a modern building concept can look like – challenging preconceptions of how the construction process can be. To make an appointment, contact [email protected]

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