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In a bid to provide better customer service, Knauf has launched a pre-populated response tool in the form of a chatbot on the website. This new addition enables customers to easily access information about Knauf's products and services by getting quick answers to their questions through a conversational interface. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at how this new chatbot is changing the way Knauf interacts with its customers and what benefits it brings to both the company and its customers.

Between ChatGPT and Google Bard, Artificial Intelligence or AI is becoming closer to real life than science fiction. Fast becoming part of everyday, AI’s ability to learn, understand, and respond to our questions has improved tenfold. So much so, the headline and opening paragraph of this blog were written by ChatGPT.

Tapping into this technology, the new Knauf ChatBot is designed to provide all Knauf customers from architects, contractors, suppliers, and merchants all the way through to DIYers with 24/7 technical support. While not powered by ChatGPT itself, the ChatBot is filled with all the Knauf knowledge to support day-to-day questions on our products and services.

The aim is to take the commonly asked questions and provide the fastest response possible. It’s populated with years of technical data and questions previously asked to ensure it’s capable of handling requests instantly.

The Knauf ChatBot focuses purely on questions regarding Knauf drywall systems and various other products in the range. Questions on Knauf Insulation or Ceiling Solutions will be redirected to the correct area.

This isn’t to say our technical support team are going away. Instead, their capacity will be greatly improved to help with the more challenging questions customers have. If the ChatBot doesn’t have the answer, then customers will be passed over to one of our agents who can provide tailored support.

The net result is quick answers to the most common questions and a faster response for the more challenging ones.

It’s an exciting addition to the website and is a continuation of a customer-first commitment to service by Knauf. The ChatBot will continue to learn over time to better understand the challenges faced by our customers and provide more robust and accurate support.

If you have any questions on the ChatBot, you can contact us direct at [email protected]

Chatbot FAQ

What questions can I ask Knauf ChatBot?

Knauf ChatBot is filled with knowledge of all things Knauf, such as product and system information and commonly asked questions that we get into technical regarding the services we provide to customers.

Are there any current limitations to Knauf ChatBot?

Knauf ChatBot will always be learning so please be patient! However, it will only answer questions in relation to our products, systems and services. Unlike Chat GPT you can’t ask it to do your homework!

What is ChatBot?

Knauf ChatBot is an automated chat response service that can assist you with any technical based queries without the interaction of a technical agent. It is populated with years of data & questions that we have been asked to offer a quick and responsive service. ChatBot is available 24/7 to our customers. If ChatBot can’t answer your question you will then be passed over to one of our agents

What if ChatBot can’t answer my question?

If ChatBot can’t answer your question you will be passed over to an available agent who will be happy to assist!

Is Knauf ChatBot linked to Knauf Insulation or Knauf Ceiling Solution systems?

Knauf ChatBot is populated solely with responses regarding drywall systems and various other products in our range. If you have a question for Knauf Insulation or Knauf Ceiling Solutions you will be re-directed to the correct area.

How do I report an issue on ChatBot? 

Please contact us direct at [email protected] with your issue and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a solution.

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