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Knauf has developed a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme with several highly reputable apprenticeship providers for 2023, helping to nurture and develop the next generation of young people with on-the-job training and formal qualifications.

At Knauf, we believe in providing valuable work experience and opportunities for the next generation of industry professionals. That's why we've developed a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme in partnership with our providers for 2023 that allows young people to gain on-the-job training and formal qualifications, while also gaining insight into the inner workings of our company.

Our UK Head Office, Sittingbourne plant and Immingham plant have apprentices at various stages of their learning journey. In 2021, we expanded our apprenticeship programme by adding a Warehouse & Supply Chain Apprentice position at the Immingham factory, marking the first time we've recruited an apprentice outside of engineering within the plants.

At the start of 2023, we had 15 apprentices situated across eight different sectors of the business, which demonstrates our belief and confidence in the scheme to produce successful outcomes.

One of the latest additions to the team, Hayden Epps, began his 18-month Calcination Apprenticeship with Knauf in October 2022. Although Hayden was initially unsure what he wanted to do, he came across Knauf’s Calcination Apprenticeship programme and found it particularly interesting. Within just two months, Hayden has spent time shadowing factory team members and getting to learn all the site procedures and technical information.

Hayden summarised his experience so far: “The apprenticeship has been challenging but interesting, and I’m enjoying learning new things. I’m looking forward to seeing where this opportunity can take me.”

Another shining example of the scheme is Amelia Akester, who began her four year Electrical and Automations Apprenticeship at Knauf in August 2022. Right from the start, she’s been heavily impressed by the level of support on offer from Knauf.

Amelia said: “Even though I’m in training at the moment, there has been a lot of support from Knauf. They’re keen to stay involved and make sure I’m okay which is something I really appreciate.”

In light of a nationwide skills shortage, construction training body CITB have highlighted the importance of new skills coming into the industry. This is one of the reasons we’ve played an active role in the professional development of young people over the last 13 years as we believe that apprenticeships contribute to a solution for skills shortages in the sector.

For Knauf, apprentices also represent an investment not just in new talent but in demonstrating a commitment to the progression of our wider workforce. This sentiment is echoed by City & Guilds who found that 92% of firms who run an apprenticeship scheme believe it leads to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

The scheme increases employability outcomes for apprentices and allows them to gain industry-recognised qualifications. It also allows us to consider our apprentices within the long-term investment strategy of the company at the start of their career.

Like us, other employers within the industry have also found significant retainment value in apprentices, with almost 20% of employers claiming to have former apprentices now working in board level positions.

By the end of an apprenticeship, we are committed to ensuring our apprentices have had every opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully progress in their chosen career or onto the next apprenticeship level. We're proud of our apprenticeship scheme and the positive impact it has had on both our apprentices and our company as a whole.

If you're interested in starting your career with Knauf and gaining valuable work experience, then our apprenticeship programme is the perfect opportunity for you.

To find out more about Knauf apprenticeship programmes, please visit our careers site

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