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When considering which materials to use to construct internal walls, it’s not only factors such as strength and durability that are important, but also the performance of the finished system. 

A key benefit of using a Knauf metal stud partition system is that it has been fully tested so its performance for fire and acoustics can be verified. In fact, Knauf offers a full system performance warranty - using a timber stud wall does not always carry the same guarantees.  

Metal stud partition walls tend to be used for commercial building projects whereas timber has traditionally been associated with domestic builds. However, we are increasingly seeing metal stud walls being used in residential building projects too. 

The pros of metal stud partitions 

There are many benefits to choosing metal stud walls over timber. Constructing a metal stud partition wall is up to four times faster than erecting a timber stud wall.  

Metal studs are lighter and easier to handle than timber and the build process is simpler, requiring less components. There is margin for error on metal stud length too, with no need for the precision cuts that are required with wood.    Metal studs won’t warp or twist, and they won’t suffer from wet or dry rot. On the other hand, if exposed to water or humidity, timber is liable to warp or rot. Wood can also be susceptible to beetles and other insects that can cause substantial damage over time. 

Another important benefit of metal is that it is inflammable. A partition wall constructed with metal studs and fire-resistant plasterboard offers higher levels of protection compared to a timber stud wall.  

Partition systems 

Knauf offers a range of drywall partition systems using metal studs that are the result of decades of experience in developing, testing and supporting warranted systems that meet the needs of modern building. 

Knauf Performer is our most versatile partition solution. Constructed using a single row of Knauf metal studs with Knauf plasterboards to both sides, it can meet a range of fire, acoustic, moisture and impact requirements.  

 We developed Knauf Isolator specially for residential and commercial projects where the best possible sound isolation is required. It’s a twin frame system designed to reduce sound transmission between adjacent spaces. Combined with high-performance Knauf plasterboards and Knauf insulation, the system can achieve an exceptional acoustic sound reduction of up to 76dB (Rw).  

For building enclosures around service and lift shafts, we developed Knauf Shaftwall. This innovative system can be quickly constructed from one side. Used in tall buildings across the UK, this robust solution provides a high level of fire resistance performance. 

Wall lining systems 

Metal studs can also be used to upgrade the acoustic, fire and thermal performance of existing masonry walls. Our Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud is a fully independent wall lining system which is as easy to install as a drywall partition.  

The Knauf Wall Liner system is a strong system that can overcome substantial background irregularities. The lining void can accommodate large service runs and any required insulation.  


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