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We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Modulous, one of the most exciting companies to emerge in the industry recently with innovative solutions for offsite construction. 

Construction is changing fast, particularly in the housing sector. There is huge pressure to build more homes quickly and efficiently while at the same time the industry is grappling with an increasing shortage of skilled labour. Offsite, or modular construction, provides a solution to these challenges. 

Modulous offer a set of digital solutions that connect manufacturers, designers and clients. It creates a virtual design for any building, complete with product selections and assembly instructions, which contractors will then use to build modules and assemble them on site. It’s a fast, efficient way to develop high-quality homes at the speed and scale that we need right now. 

To demonstrate this concept, Modulous has built a showroom where visitors can experience a living space created using its unique approach. Knauf was more than happy to offer Modulous a space at our Sittingbourne site to build its demonstration module, which was completed at the end of 2021. 

Excited about the partnership, Liam Poole, Knauf Head of Marketing, remarked upon the value of embracing offsite construction: “We came on board as an early supply-chain partner because Modulous has built an inspired solution to some of the biggest pain points in construction and development. Its technology removes many of the inefficiencies which, for too long, have stifled innovation, and better promotes demonstrable decarbonised design and build.”  

Knauf has a growing range of products and systems that are well suited to offsite manufacturing and modular buildings, making us an ideal supply chain partner for Modulous. 

We can provide a full suite of products including floors, external walls, interior partitioning systems and spray finishes. Offering these standardised building systems makes it easy for Modulous to provide an entire “kit of parts” which will be used to build the modules. 

"The future of the industry is changing. The UK Government, through its purchasing power is driving modern methods of construction (MMC), such as offsite / modular, to help improve safety, productivity, quality and sustainability. These are values Knauf shares,” Liam concluded.  



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