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Fourteen new forklift trucks have been rolled out at the Sittingbourne plant, bringing improved safety, greater management control and cleaner operation.   

Forklift onsite

The new trucks include the most modern safety features, including an incident sensor triggering the truck to halt and a Linde BlueSpot™ light safety system to alert pedestrians to oncoming trucks that may be out of their direct line of sight.   


Detailed reporting systems allow for monitoring of all the trucks movements and usage hours, and to report on fuel consumption.   


Powered by Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), the new forklifts are cleaner, producing far less particulate pollution than diesel and emitting much lower levels of CO2.   


Dorota Batog, Services Engineering Manager, explains: “We’re very pleased to introduce these brand new forklifts, which for the first time have a specification designed for the Sittingbourne Plant. They will be safer and cleaner, contributing to a better working environment in our warehouse. This is another example of Knauf investing in the latest safety technology for our plant equipment.”      


These join the latest acquisitions, two 5-tonne forklifts, purchased in late 2021 and bring the total fleet in Sittingbourne to 20. 

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