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Knauf publishes EPDs for core product range

Knauf UK has established a range of Environmental Product Declarations for its core product range. An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, is a document which details the environmental performance or impact of a product over its lifetime.

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EPDs support carbon emission reduction by allowing architects, engineers and contractors to compare the impacts of different materials and products and choose the most sustainable options for their projects.


Lucy Hall, Sustainability Lead for Knauf UK says, “Knauf is delighted to be able to support our customers’ desire to understand more about our products, and the publishing of our EPDs for UK manufactured products is an important step in that direction.”


The conclusion of the 12-month cross-functional project by Knauf to provide verified EPDs for its products is representative of the company’s move towards a more sustainable future beyond that of enforced government standards. 


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This drive includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste generated by Knauf’s own operations while also engaging with suppliers to reduce the impacts of the supply chain. Knauf is committed to reporting transparently on key sustainability issues and the independently verified EPDs, assessing Knauf products from cradle to grave, form an important part of this process.


Green Building Rating Systems such as BREEAM, LEED and DGNB include assessment criteria that requests the use of EPD results. The use of Knauf products and systems can contribute to the score when one of these schemes is used.


The full list of EPDs can be found here:


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